Tuesday, January 3, 2012

me? as a MULUT LASER and BODOH?

assalamualaikum ^_^

oh tandas ! berkualiti..lalala

ehh..sorry that pic doesn't make sense coz i shoot it in FCM toilet. ha? yaks !!
okay...hey pals ! im not doing anything today..coz i feel lazy GILE BABENG ! tired..sleepy and LEMAU. soo..the title "me ? as a MULUT LASER and BODOH? -_-'' its that true? hmmmmmmmmm,..i think so. mybe im too stupid and too LASER ..but when? how come i can be LASER? im not too bad LAH sayang. hahaha! but sometimes if u mess with me..i can be SINGA BETINA. hahaha >_< . 

wanna know the story why the KANAK2 RIBENA (betul ke ejaan ribena? arh tibai je la) call me MULUT LASER? hmmm..okay, cannot coz thats is secret. good am i? isn it? aahh..malas nak post sal org uh..bazir mase. but i just want that LITTLE TINY GIRL (although im also tiny girl) know, if i got that u post something about us, i mean about my TWIN and ME in ur blog...and talk NONSENSE about us..u will be in a bad trouble. yap..i am MULUT LASER but not me U WILL BE IN A BAD-BAD TROUBLE

got it sayang? thanks ^_^

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