Saturday, February 8, 2014


Well, hello there. we meet again. post sebelom ni adalah mengenai pembikinan short filem. eh, cheeehh, ayat. hahaha. kali ni post adalah pasal animation atau bahasa melayu nye animasi, atau budak2 kecik panggil cerita kartun. dari aku kecik sampai la ni, mmg gila dgn cita2 katun. cerita kartun yang paling aku suke dan masih lagi enjoy tgok adalah cerita ni. 

yup, the amazing world of gumball. aku pasti ramai yang suke cerita ni sebab kelakar. aku suke tgok dalam versi bahasa malaysia. budak yang bawak suara tu, pndai...sampai gelak guling2 aku tgok cerita ni. hahaha. jalan cerita setiap episode pon ta pernah boring. hehehhe.

well, dkt sini aku nak bagitahu aku lebih suke tgok short filem animation. penuh maksud yang mendalam and not straight forward. dulu sebelum aku amek course media arts, aku penah terfikir nak amek course Animation dkt MMU ni, buat cerita kartun aku sendiri tpi..yeah, sangat susah, sangat kritikal and bile aku uji kaji diri sendiri, aku mmg ta boleh bawak course animation ni sebabnye aku suck dalam 3D Software and suck dalam lukis2. haha. agak payah nak catch up dalam animation. lagi2 setiap sem hanya ada 3 bulan sahaja. macam mana nak belaja semua tu kan? tpi tulah, kadang2 aku teringin nak buat cartoon aku sendiri, create cerita yang aku idamkan. haha. 

aku selalu layan youtube. boleh dikatakan hari2 gak lah. kadang2 bukan tgok short filem je, tgok showreel animation, breakdown animation. seronok jugak kadang2 tgok. kite dpt tau cara dorang buat motion graphic macam mana atau visual effect. kadang2 bnde tu bile tgok boleh jadi, "wow! amazing. how did they do that!" "the fakk?" haaa..mcm2 lah ayat aku yang keluar bile tgok video2 tu. mcam magik tapi sebenarnye trick je. kadang2 bile tgok movie tu, kite tatau bnde yang kite tgok tu sebenarnya 3D je, tpi mcam real! contohnya movie Life of PI. harimau tu nmpk mcm real, tpi 3D sebenarnye. tpi ade certain2 part dalam cerita tu dorang gune harimau betol. 

eh! haaa...nk kenal kan satu youtube yang hari2 gak aku stalker. The CG Bros. youtube ni lebih kepada animation yang di create oleh orang2 yang professional atau student2 yang dpt awards. alah, lebih kepada collection animation yang best2 aku rasa. cgi bros ni pon ade jugak tnjuk showreel student2 atau showreel animator2 yang professional.. antara video yang aku suke tgok dlm cg bros nih.

Monster Box - By Team Monster Box

Brain Divided -  By Josiah Howarth, Joon Shik Song and Joon Soo Song.

Die de Los Muertos - by Ashley Graham, Kate Reynolds and Lindsey St. Pierre.

tpi ta semestinya cg bros je banyak animation yang best2. taip dkt search youtube tu "Short Filem Animation", macam2 lah animation yang keluar. best!!

itu jelah kot, sambung study. hahahha..mggu depan exam. 10/2/2014. wish me gudluck!!!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Wong Fu Productions

Hai. Jarang dah update entry baru. okay, terus ke tajuk, well ta ramai rasanya yang kenal Wong Fu productions. but yeah, dorang ni sebenarnya very talented in making a short filem. keseluruhan short filem dorang ta pernah mengecewakan. penuh pengajaran, ade lawak dan ade sedih, romantik pon ada. video2 dorang sangat creative. terus terang, hari2 aku stalker youtube dorang tgok video2 yang dorang buat. kadang2 video yang sama aku ulang tgok dalam 5-10 kali. hehehhe. aku mule tau kewujudan Wong Fu ni bile salah seorang member post salah satu video dorang dekat twitter, and sejak tu dkt 3 jam aku stalker dorang and berterusan sampai ke hari ini. ok , ni serba sedikit tentang Wong Fu.

Wong Fu Productions first started making videos in 2003 in college at UC San Diego. Starting out as friends and dormmates Wong Fu Productions is now headed by Philip Wang (left), Wesley Chan (left) and Ted Fu (center).

Wong Fu Productions started making videos in 2003.
Many people think that we started on the date that’s listed on our YouTube channel, in 2007, but the reality is, we’ve been making videos and posting them online since 2003, before YouTube even existed. Over the years, our fanbase has grown gradually, strictly by word of mouth, and when YouTube came along, we were given a whole new platform to share our work on.
2003-2006 – The College Years 
The first official “wong fu video” was released on June 5, 2003. It was a lip sync video that Philip made with his dormmates to Justin Timberlake’s “Senorita”. The video was shared around the college and soon spread to other college campuses. Over the rest of their time in college, Philip and his friends periodically made lip sync videos solely for fun and whenever there was time. Philip met Wes and Ted in 2004 through a visual arts class they were taking. Together, the 3 started making short films in addition to music videos, and even did some simple client work. During the final year of school, the 3 decided to venture into a larger project, a full length feature movie. They spent their entire 4th year of college working on this film, on top of school and jobs, and premiered the finished product, “A Moment with You”, just weeks before graduating.
2006-2008 – The Transition Years
After graduating in June 2006, Wes, Ted, and Phil decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue the prospects of filmmaking. This was no easy task, as the realities of the real world soon hit them. Thankfully they still had the support of Wong Fu fans which was still growing. For the first time WFP went on tour, initially to screen their movie “A Moment with You”. The “AMY Tour” took them to over 25 schools around the continent and was also the first time they got to see fans and supporters face to face. The 3 knew that WFP was truly something special and could not just be tossed aside of given up. As a result they continued to make new short films and music videos to keep WFP going. In addition they took on freelance video jobs for tv stations, small businesses, and even weddings.
In 2007 WFP made and released a short series called “Just a Nice Guy”. This series marked the beginning of the “Nice Guy” brand, as Phil wore a shirt that Wes designed in the short, and soon, thousands of fans were asking where they could buy the shirt.  Ted started making a online store and the “AreYouANiceGuy” online store was launched. As the brand grew with new products and more customers, WFP was able to have financial freedom from freelance work and could now completely focus on WFP work. It was during this year that they guys also began working with Far East Movement. Their first project together was a short film called “You’ve Got a Friend”, made to promote their single of the same name. This was the beginning of a long term partnership of projects and endeavors together, primarily the “International Secret Agents” Concerts.
In 2008 WFP spent most of the year working on the prospect of a new full length movie. After being approached by a couple producers and a manager, they began work on a new script and story that was intended to be their next film. With various meetings with studios and independent production houses, and even a trip to Cannes to promote, the project was soon losing focus and WFP was losing control of what they originally wanted; even worse, people were trying to change them as a group. In late 2008, the guys decided to shelve this project, “The Sleep Shift”, and to bring things back to the way WFP was originally created and run.
2009-2010 – The Collaboration Years 
Though WFP had had their work on YouTube for years already, they had never really gotten involved in the community or tried to push their online presence. Starting in early 2009, through meeting David Choi and working on his first music video, WFP began meeting and opening up to the online “youtube” community. From a project with David, to meeting Christine “Happyslip”, then Kevin “KevJumba”, Cathy Nguyen, AJ Rafael, Ryan “NigaHiga” and so on, WFP was now plugged into this network of extremely talented and good people. From there, projects developed and through these collaborations, WFP’s online presence expanded rapidly, even better, they made new friends.
2011-Present – Expansion and Bridging the Gap
Since becoming one of the top YouTube channels, and mainstream media finally catching on to the new media industry, Wong Fu Productions is now finding itself in another, new transition period. With more commercial and mainstream opportunities, WFP now balances producing major projects with large companies like AT&T (Away We Happened) and Subaru (Company Car), and continuing the independent spirit by always making time to do personal, “for fun”, projects the same way they started years before.
No doubt this is an important time for WFP as the industry they started in is quickly changing, and they too must adapt. Outgrowing their first office, building a small but solid team, and producing at a rate they’ve never done before, are all steps in the direction of growth and finding a way to be successful in both the commercial and independent worlds.

Reference  : 

Ha. itu jelah serba sedikit pasal dorang. well, antara banyak2 video dorang, yang paling kerap aku ialah

She Has A Boyfriend

The Allergy

Drunk Call Chronicles

Two Afternoon

Meet the Kayak

Dan banyak lagi!!! heheheh. aku paling suka cara dorang amek video dari angle2 yang best. accent dorang pon best didengar. syok lah. ta pernah boring tgok video Wong Fu production. They were the most awesome producer, director, editor and what so ever lah. pelakon2 dorang pun bukan calang2 orang. contohnya

Timothy DeLaGhetto

Wang Lee Hom

Justin Chon

Karalynn Dunton

dan ramai lagi. okay, so baru2 ni dorang bakal buat movie baru yang tajuk pon tatau ape dia. hope Wong fu sentiasa success in making a great movie!! 

kenapa aku begitu teruja dengan video2 dorang? sebab insyaallah, aku nak jadi macam depa semua :D

bye2. >_<

Monday, January 13, 2014

ceritera malam2

Dah tengah malam..but still ta dapat tido. actually tengah dok pikir pasal assignment. haish. mcm2 nk kene buat. hari ni dah hari selasa. oh! btw..Salam Maulidur Rasul kepada semua umat islam. :D ok..hari ni hari selasa, esok rabu ade presentation. khamis kene submit keje. tapi, keje yang kene submit hari khamis tu ta buat2 lagi. kene buat video...mmg lah bukan part aku, part aku siap dah buat essay..tapi pabila namaku di mention oleh grup leader suruh tlong mereka2 yang involve buat video tu, mcm dah jadi aku punye part lah kan. even just tolong je. haish. pening2. tak, hari ni...hari selasa kene pergi hospital serdang nk shooting. rabu ade presentation...tak buat lagi. haish2. ok, pening sgt dah ni sampai bile aku bace balik ape yang aku taip, aku sndiri ta paham..apatah lagi korang kan? hahaha. cerita malam ni, cerita kedai kopi je. sembang2 kosong. dah blank sgt otak ni, tu yang teringat nak update entry blog. sambil dengan zikir terapi hafiz hamidun ni, ya allah..sumpah tenang jiwa aku nih. 

urmm...penah tak korang rasa mood tetiba happy..mcm nk buat something yang seronok tapi tak dapat atas mcm2 sebab. ok, contohnya...aku rse happy. ntah lah..tetiba happy mcm nak tego semua org dkt facebook tadi...tapi malu. hahaha, so nak buat bnde lain...nak edit video pulak. ye, edit video adalah salah satu bnde yang boleh buat aku happy. tpi, video nya xde. pastu igt nak shopping, tapi duitnye xde. eh..ade, tpi nk kumpul. so..ape yang nak dibuat dengan persekitaran yang xde bnde, spoil gila kan? aku boleh jadi marah pasal bnde ni je. bukan marah lah, kirenya mcam moody. daripada happy, tpi tatau nak buat ape...tros moody. macam pelik, tpi itulah yang aku alami. so, aku pon continue layan laptop. tgok tu ini. hahahaha.

then, aku igt nk beli telekung pasal telekung aku dah berkarat. hahahaha. berkarat sebab ape taw, aku kan pakai mekap, xdela mekap yang dok letak foundation bagai tu...pakai bedak baby johnson je dengan celak kening. celak tu kalau kene air dia tanggal. aku mmg slalu lupa nak bersihkan muka aku dlu, so pas amek ayaq sembahyang aku ta lap muka aku...aku tros pakai telekung, bila dah rakaat terakhir nak salam tu, aku sapu sekali kening2 aku...dah melekat. bila basuh xnk pulak tanggal. then bile solat...mcm mengganggu aku lah sebab aku asyik dok tgok bahagian kotor tu ja. mak aku dah soh sental guna tangan, tapi dek kerana tahap kemalasan aku yang tak boleh bertolak ansur nih, aku biarkan lah. hahhaha. bnde ni bukan jadi sekali, tapi banyak kali, so boleh nampak banyak tompok2 celak aku kat telekung tuh. ish3. igt nak beli telekung yang mcm2 kaler tu...tpi bapak mahal lah weeii. aku dlu beli kain telekung dkt mydin rm30, ni paling murah rm90. -_-" tros bertambah moody aku. ish3. 

ok, tu je lah kot ceritera malam2. boii, gudnite. :D